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The Evolution of Cleanâ„¢

How to Use Touch.

Using Touch is simple, easy, and effective.

Step 1

Twist the Cap.

Grab hold of the can firmly. A simple twist of the cap is all you need to ready the can for use.

Step 2

Spray On Hands.

From 6 to 12 inches away, press the top button on can to spray onto your hands.

Step 3

Rub Gently into Skin.

Massage the mixture into your hands with a soft repetitive motion for 20 to 30 seconds.

Take it with you everywhere you go!

The size and shape of Touch has been specifically designed to easily go with you anywhere! Touch conveniently fits inside your pocket, purse, or backpack!

Peace of Mind.

Be confident knowing you are protected.

Using the world’s only six-hour hand sanitizer is the best way to protect yourself ahead of time from germs. Instead of having to re-apply after every door handle and handshake, you know you are protected.

Hand sanitizers are disappearing

A couple years ago hand sanitizer could be found everywhere you go. But now it’s disappearing from shelves and no longer provided easily in public places. Having a can of Touch with you is the best method for self-protection.

Cold and flu season approaching.

Colds and flus are expected to be severe in coming years as the world reopens. We advise stocking up on Touch while product is in stock!