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Nowadays having some sort of hand sanitizer within reach wherever you go is a part of the ‘New Normal.’  For a moment, many of us found empty shelves where our usual brand of sanitizer used to be available, but now that the rush is over, we have the opportunity to thoughtfully choose a product that is best.
Touch Sanitizing Germblock might not be as recognizable as the generic options, but what we find upon a closer look is that Touch not only stands up against the competition, but stands out for its superior qualities and effectiveness.  Touch Sanitizing Germblock is not your ordinary sanitizer.
It’s surface-friendly.
With a 99.99% effective rate, Touch Sanitizing Germblock has been used in hospital operating rooms for decades. It is extremely safe and effective as a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral germ killer; Even cancer patients use it! Simply spray on any surface to ensure a level of cleanliness like no other.
Goodbye Viruses.
It is proven to kill Coronavirus and the Norovirus (MERS and SARS; It hasn’t been tested yet on the current Coronavirus (CV-19) as it is simply too new).  The active ingredient in Lysol (Benzylkonium Chloride) is the same active ingredient in Touch Sanitizing Germ Block.
Healthy skin for the win.
Touch Sanitizing Germblock contains less than 1% alcohol.  Denatured alcohol is listed as one of the inactive ingredients, but it won’t burn cut or split fingers. Unlike most commercial hand sanitizers available, it won’t leave your hands dry. Instead, as Touch keeps your hands and surfaces germ-free, it also keeps your skin soft and feeling great.
You have a lot of choices when it comes to hand sanitizers. Touch Sanitizing Germblock is in its own class and has proven, lasting results that leave other sanitizers far behind. You can have confidence that when you use Touch Sanitizing Germblock, you’re blocking the most germs for the longest period of time. In times like this, you don’t want to gamble on anything else.

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