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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, and We’ve Got Answers!

How do I access my account and subscription to make changes?

You can access your account dashboard here.

Once logged into your account dashboard, you cancel any order that has not been fully processed. Also you can edit your subscription to change the scent or frequency of delivery.

Have more questions? Please send us a message through our contact page.

Does Touch stop/ prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?

The FDA forbids hand sanitizer companies from saying their product kills specific bacteria or viruses to prevent companies from making false or misleading claims. Touch Germ Block completed and passed the antimicrobial testing required by the FDA monograph for hand sanitizers, going head to head with alcohol hand sanitizers and showing similar efficacy. If you are needing more specific efficacy data we recommend you go online and search the active ingredient in Touch and enveloped viruses for which the Corona virus is a member.

The active ingredient in Touch Germ Block is an organic salt compound that has shown to be highly effective against MERS an SARS viruses, which are types of the Coronavirus.

Is it safe for children?

Touch was not required to be tested on children so no data is available, but testimonials from parents applying it to their children’s hands at their own discretion are doing so without issue. If you would like to use Touch on your children it is recommended you apply a small amount first to gauge your child’s sensitivity to this or any product. All of the ingredients in Touch are used in most cosmetic products. None of the ingredients in Touch have warnings specifically directed at adults or children at the amounts used in Touch.

Does it kill the Coronavirus?

The FDA does not permit any hand sanitizer company to say that it kills any specific types bacteria or virus.

Do you have testing done on the product?

Yes. In order to market in the US all hand sanitizer manufacturers must complete and pass specific testing per the FDA monograph for hand sanitizers. We have conducted and passed the required studies per the FDA monograph for hand sanitizers, as well as conducted in house studies to further understand the qualities of the product.

Can I see the testing on the product?

The test results are not available to the public.

Does your product kill cold and flu germs?

Again, the FDA does not permit any hand sanitizer company to say that it kills any specific types bacteria or virus. You can however go online and review the criteria in the FDA hand sanitizer monograph and find out what testing is required for hand sanitizers. Or research the active ingredients listed on the labels. That will give you a good idea of what a product is capable of killing.

Is it safe?

Safe is a very broad term that encompasses equally broad criteria and variability from person to person. If safety is a concern research the ingredients in Touch and make an informed decisions whether Touch is the right hand sanitizer for you. The ingredients in Touch are the same as those used in cosmetic products.

Should I reapply after washing hands?

Washing hands with soap and water is always the best and first line of defense in preventing the spreading of germs. Some of the ingredients in Touch are water soluble so yes reapply after washing your hands.

Can I use this on my infant?

Touch was not required to be tested on infants so no data is available. If you apply Touch to your infant you so at your own discretion.

What if I inhale or ingest it?

Touch is for external use only. If used as directed exposure limits to any of the ingredients in Touch are well below minimal exposure criteria.

Is this product organic?

The essential oils in Touch are organic, but the product itself does not meet the criteria to be certified organic.

Can you carry Touch onto an airplane? (Aerosol can)

Yes its only 1 oz. but I’ve even carried 12 packs… 100s of times. No issues.

Can Touch be used on any area of the body?

Yes, its safe and effective for everywhere. The active ingredient is used as a preservative in nasal sprays and eye drops in lower doses

Do you plan on releasing the research?

The research is posted on our website. Under “How It Works”.

Is Touch sold in stores?

Touch began its time in stores. We went in to 21,000 stores in 9 months. There are only 33,000 store fronts TOTAL in the USA between malls, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. But we preferred to sell directly online. A few of our stores we used to be in are listed below. WE WILL EVENTUALLY BE BACK IN ALL THE STORES. But right now, we are way more efficient and profitable selling direct.